Recently, I've been trying to get away from online shopping at larger stores because I'd love to be able to support more local businesses and creators. Therefore, if you want to spoil me, I would really appreciate if you showed your care through a gift card for the following places, or by buying presents from the following local San Francisco institutions. 

Dogpatch Boulders is where I go at least once or twice a week to get my workout in. I love the puzzle/logic nature of rock climbing as well as the physical challenge, and it helps me not only stay in shape but motivates me for my next trip to Yosemite or Seattle to climb and keeps my fear of heights at bay!

Plant Therapy is an absolutely adorable shop downtown that is loaded with delicious plants that I covet every time I walk by. I love houseplants and it keeps the mother hen in me satisfied to take care of all my green babies at home. I am always looking for new and interesting plants to join my family, and so please consider a gift card for this place. If you were interested in purchasing a plant to surprise me with in person, I highly recommend SF Plants or Utsuwa on Polk, or Plants and Friends. They all carry amazing and unique plants that need a home (ideally, mine!)

Green Apple Books is one of my favorite places to go for books (thank you to a special someone for the recommendation!). I love the community feel of this place, and there's never a time that I've gone and haven't completely stuffed my bag with new delicious books to read. Help me enrich my mind with a beautiful book and support this amazing place to boot. There is also Chronicle Books, McSweeney's, or the Alexander Book Company that I love as well!

Amoeba Music is one of my favorite places to go for vinyl. I've been a huge music collector and in particular I love blues and jazz albums. Some would say that I was born into the wrong era, but I think I'm just bringing it back.


If you don't want to pick something out yourself, here are specific covetables I've been lusting after for some time that are all made by independent artists and makers that I love and want to support. <3

this erotic mug

this erotic... fruit bowl?

this portrait, or any of these pretty girls

hiss hiss..

keeping it fresh

the most badass tote bag ever


If you'd like to pick out something yourself, here are some things to help you on your way. 

Dress size // 6

Shoe size // 8

Lingerie // 34B, medium

Designer // Alice and Olivia

Jeweler // Fiat Lux, Catbird NYC

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